What We Keep

Repotted and added a few more lovelies to this pot in my window sill at work.
Only one casualty thus far (the little guy way in the back), which is good for me,
considering I can't seem to keep succulents alive. Any advice on that front
would be greatly appreciated! This has nothing to do with this post,
really, but these plants have been brightening otherwise grey days over here.
I keep thinking about our storage unit and dreading the day we have to clean that thing out. Honestly, I wish I could forget it exists, but there are things in there that I would actually like to have back, like my sewing machine. It’s great, I suppose, that I’ve learned to live with little, even if the results of our little experiment are a bit skewed given that we are now living with my parents and can use their things if we need to. You know, like the couch.

The truth is, at this point, I can’t really remember what’s in our storage unit. I fished out a few pairs of heavier wool pants last week and while I was looking through the bag stuffed with clothes, I found myself saying, “Wait, what’s that?” It was as though I had never seen some things before. Or I was sure I’d given them away (which means I should have given them away).

When we moved out of the stone house and into the camper, I knew that eventually I wouldn’t need even half of the things that we stuffed into that storage unit and that has for sure been true. As a result, I already have a plan for how I want to attack this 10x15 room full of stuff we do not need.

First, I want to move things over slowly and unpack slowly. Maybe a box a day or something like that to keep from getting overwhelmed. The contents will be kept, donated, or sold. 

Everything will need to be organized and find a home within our home. I’d like to keep things as minimal as possible and keep stuff tucked away and out of sight. I’m definitely not the neatest person in the world, but I tend to get a little jumpy and claustrophobic when things get too cluttered. I crave a clean slate even if I’m not the best at maintaining it. It’ll take some discipline on my part (and John’s) to keep everything in order, but I’ll feel less frantic if things are tidy. It’s all about being deliberate in the things that we keep around and bring into the space, and the things we choose to let go of.

Sadly, though, we have a long way to go before I’m unpacking boxes and purging things I shouldn’t have even stored in the first place. Oh how proud of myself I was when we moved, what with giving away what I thought was so much unnecessary stuff. Little did I know. . . .

For now, I’ll just keep dreading that storage unit and paying the bill so our stuff doesn’t get auctioned off to the lowest bidder. I really do want that sewing machine back.


  1. It is amazing how stuff piles up, huh? I sat down the other day and "back read" your blog- LOVE the story of your house and the intentional decisions you are making each step of the way! When we come up to visit NY this summer, I want to rive by and see!!!!! Erika (Henshaw/Baldwin) Gordon

    1. It truly is amazing how much one can collect in a short amount of time. We'd love to have you stop by this summer! It would be great to see you and Jer, and meet your adorable kids.

  2. You are more than welcome to help us purge and organize! Haha


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