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No matter how scared I may be, the way I deal with stress is either one of two ways.  One: Ignore it. Hide under the sheets. Do anything else but what I should be doing.  Two: Jump in there face first and cross things off my list because if not now, when?  And if not me, then whom?  Lately I’ve been doing the latter because before, I was doing the former, plus crying, which is how I deal with most things.  Moving is stressful enough, let alone when you add on a heaping pile of storage unit and an extra serving of dog in a new environment, namely a camper.  Oh, this past week.  You were a rough one, to say the least.  But we made it through thanks to some super strong and able friends.  This is our life now, and the awkward feeling after you move can only get better, right?  The stress of moving will soon seem like a pittance compared to the stress of construction.

The big news: we finally got our building permit and should be underway in the next week and a half or so, hallelujah!  I used the full force of my Jewish Guilt to my advantage two weeks ago and wouldn’t you know?  It actually worked.  What could have taken 2-4 weeks (um, 4? What?) took literally 24 hours.  Major thanks to the Health Department for working faster than any county/state-run agency I have ever encountered, and also to Mother Nature for providing a beautiful day for the inspector to come take a look at our site.  And to our building inspector who graciously gave us a building permit.

Now things start to really get crazy.


  1. WOW , looks like the jump start has occurred , building permit in hand , blast off eminent , hang on !!!


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