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Concrete Countertops

Living with plywood countertops for almost two years is not ideal, but it’s one of those things that you stop paying attention to when you move into a house. You inevitably find it convenient that you don’t actually have to open the cabinet that stores the garbage can; you can just drop in your trash from above because you ran out of plywood scraps so there’s nothing covering that cabinet and it’s open on the top. After awhile, though, you start to notice that plywood is really difficult to clean and it’s starting to get gross, so you look at the calendar, see that Labor Day is fast approaching, and decide you’re finally up for pouring some concrete.
It’s tricky business, pouring concrete. The prep work takes twice as long as you think, the pouring and mixing take some tweaking to get just right, the curing process is slow, and the finishing is even slower. All told, we were kitchenless for about two weeks. (And then I was scared to put anything on them for another few weeks.)

It took u…

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